Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recipes of Love

I have been pretty busy the past few weeks bundling and neatly packaging items to submit for Somerset studio magazine.  If you have never checked this magazine out, you are missing out.  Jam packed with tons of great mixed media art and techniques.  If I am chosen, my art will be published in the fall.  So keep your fingers crossed! And I will keep you all up to date. 
Hope everyone had a happy Easter, filled with lots of egg hunts, and baskets full of candy.  I know I'm a week and a half late, but it's the thought that counts right?  Easter was pretty quiet here.  Woke up super early and had an egg hunt, filled our bellies with candy. 
Checked out the new sand box, and headed over to my parent's for brunch. Where the day  was filled with tons more egg hunts!
Afterwards we all came home and took a nap.  Got up and hung out at the sandbox.  The day couldn't have been any better!

Thanks to all who came out to Join Valerie and I for Wannabe Wednesday.  It was alot of fun, and who could resist a cookie that says eat me on it?  Thanks to all of you who hung in there with all the cutting.  This month we created a great Alice In Wonderland Shadowbox.  The box was Valerie's idea.  She had come across it on Split Coast Stampers.  The moment I saw it I LOVED it.  I truly couldn't wait to decorate it. 

Our original design had nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland.  We had actually chosen another stamp set to use, but when we sat down to do it the set had already sold.  We happened to have just gotten in a bunch of Alice In Wonderland stamps from Crafty Secrets.  Which is also who is selling the shadow boxes.    I am actually really glad the other stamps sold, I think this turned out way cuter.  And who doesn't love Alice?  For inspiration I dove into Skye's book collection.  There I knew she had a copy of Alice in Wonderland with classic illustrations.  I was in luck too, there were all kinds of images in the book that were exactly the same as the stamps.  For our technique we created a mosiac look by sticking extra pieces of cling rubber to an acrylic block.  We stamped the mosaic image with Versa Mark, and clear heat embossed.  Afterwards, we rubbed yellow ink into the non embossed areas, and whiped off the excess ink off the embossed areas. 

This week started off hectic.  Or maybe it ended hectic.  On saturday Jennifer McGuire and Jana Millen taught at our store.  Everyone really enjoyed the classes alot.  They are so fun, they make learning a blast!  Everyone went home with smiles, stained fingers, alot of great cards, and awesome ideas.  Tomorrow, we have Jen Starr coming to teach in our store.  The store is all in a buzz with excitement.  April has been so full of star teachers, starting with Jana at the end of March.  It is so great to have so many talented people sharing their ideas with everyone.  Thanks for spreading the love! 

On top of all the hubbub in the store I have been working on more custom orders for etsy, and layouts for work.  Working on a Nursery Rhyme layout right now using the new Slice cartridge by Making Memories.  Super Cute!  I will post pics as soon as I am finished, it's gonna be a class on April 19th.  Here are some pics of the custom order recipe book I have been working on. 

I created the book using a children's board book.  The book was a bit bigger, so my boyfriend cut it down for me.  I sanded it down and prepainted the creases.  Afterwards I inked and adhered the paper using gel medium.  The book measures 4 1/2"x 6" and has a total of 10 pages in it with 5 recipes and room for more, or even pictures.  I really enjoyed myself making it.  I just love the Nook and Pantry line by Basic Grey, such fun retro kitchen papers. 

Off to get some sleep.  I wish everyone a great Tuesday!  Hopefully it won't be so long before I get a chance to post again.  Until then stay safe, and Happy Creating!!! 


Deb said...

Great Blog!!! Obviously I missed out big time by not going to Wannabe Wednesday! Loved the shadowbox. I love using paper to make things other than scrapbook pages and cards.
Thanks for chatting yesterday. I loved talking to you!

aliciacreate.blogspot.com said...

Hey Nicki! Looks like Skye enjoyed the sandbox surprise - she looks as if she has grown since I have seen her last, and she looks adorable in those spring colors!

Heard the shadowbox was a success at the store, and speaking of the store, I was in there a couple Fridays ago and was going to say "Hi", but Terry said that you were out getting some dinner. (Did you notice I said "dinner" instead of "supper?" Ha.)

Your work looks awesome - as usual.

Hopefully all is well.