Monday, February 28, 2011

Graphic 45 Design Team Call 2011!!!!

It's that time again for the most INCREDIBLE scrapbooking company in the world to look for NEW designers.  That's right, Graphic 45 is holding design team calls, and I couldn't miss the opportunity!! I am SUPER excited about this, and look forward to the results of the winners! Good luck to everyone who tries out!!

Listed in order: Steampunk Debutante Minibook, Mixed Media Collage on Wood, Altered Altoid Tin, Le Romantique greeting card, Altered wash bucket, Halloween in Wonderland 12x12 layout, CD holder card, Altered Bird Shipping tag, Halloween shadowbox, altered halloween ATC card, Altered Christmas box,  Le Romantique 12 x 12 Layout, Altered Paper Mache Skull mask, Steampunk Shadow Box  

Thanks for stopping by!
Wish me luck!!
Nicki Chicky

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole...To Down Under

Here in Ohio it has been one winter storm after another.  Wednesday we were hit with ice storms for almost 2 days.  Power was out all over the Tristate area, we were lucky and it was only out for one day for us.  But I know others who still don't have any, and here we are another snow storm coming down. 
Really we have been lucky, last year we had over 2 ft of snow several times  At least this year it is in small doses, making it all easier on us to shovel.  I don't know about you, but all this time in the house is starting to make me daydream of spring! 
No more of this being couped up, with dreary dark snowy days.  I want to see bright flowers, green grass!  I want to feel the warm sun on my face, and the breeze in my hair!  That is exactly where these next pictures will take you.  Down the Rabbit Hole to down under in Australia.  Where some of my playing card flowers traveled to become part of an incredible Wonderland Inspired event. 

 I just received these pictures the other day from an awesome event coordinator out of Australia who had ordered my flowers back in the fall of last year.  When I opened the email containing them I was in Love.  Such beautiful detail was put into every piece of this table.  From scrabble tiles that spell things, to plate clocks, stacked tea cups, colorful tea pots, mixed flowers that make my paper flowers look real!  Cupcakes and Cakes.  It looks like a place I would like to have a tea party for sure.  Wish I could have shipped myself with those flowers, and enjoyed this wonderful evening that was created too!  Simply Magical!!!
Head over to his site for more information on having something magical created for your special event!

 Thank you so much Mark for sharing your incredible work, and stunning pictures with me!

January has been an incredible month.  Unexpectedly I have had over 100 sales!  I just received my first order of over 1,000 flowers for a wedding scheduled for the summer.   Super excited about that!!!  Getting ready for a show Next Saturday, February 12th at Beans and Cream in Cedarville, Ohio.
Lots of new flower designs and colors are being added to my store regularly!
Gearing up with lots of new colors for spring and summer.
Here are some  of the yummy new styles!

New Colors Include:
Lemonade Affair, Beach Glass, Summer Lilac, Love Letters, and French Lace. 
Coming soon, see the write up on these flowers being used by a design team of 15 here online called.  Ready Set Create.  I am excited to see what they have to say!! 


Recently I received an email from a customer inquiring about HUGE paper flowers.  (Actually she was one of 6) Accompanying her email were some incredible pictures from a Chanel show held in  2009. 

So I decided to try my hand at some Huge Flowers. Starting out I just had to use whatever paper I had lots of. Dictionary Paper.  Then moving onto some roses made out of Bazzill Bling Diamond Cardstock.  The First one measures 11" and the second about 7". 

Well that's it for today, before I give you information overload. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy your Super Bowl Parties!
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Nicki Chicky