Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cookies For Breakfast!!! Yummy!!!

Yay Sunday!  A day off to recover from the long week, and to prepare for the upcoming days ahead.  For me a day of laundry, family and a wonderful brunch when David gets home. Today Skyler and I started the day off with cookies.
This is definately something we don't do often.  But there are times you just have to eat your desserts first. 
And who can't resist a fresh baked chocolate and peanut butter chip cookie, warm from the oven.  My fav!!  Then we had a little silly time afterwards till they were done.
That little face is so cute, couldn't you just gobble her up?
I just can't wait to scrap these!

Here is David's reaction when were being silly and  I told him I was going to take pictures of him for my blogsite, camera in hand... I love my foot in the picture.  How did that get there?

Well here is a little something I made the other day using a black shadow box I purchased at the local dollar store.  I just love litte things you can pick up for a buck and alter.
  When the new Cosmo Cricket material girl line came out and I saw all those cute retro pictures of little girls, I couldn't wait to create something fun with them.  I was so excited to use them that  I even had a dream about this one in a collage.  I don't know if this is what the collage looked like in my dream, but I really like the way it turned out when I was awake, or was I dreaming?  
To create the ruffled edge on the right side,  I ran a line of glue along the edge of the letter strip.  Taking pink crepe paper I slid it into the glue, sliding and gathering as I went to create wrinkles.  After the glue had dried, I took blue floss and handstiched along the edge of the letter strip to give the ruffles an added finish.  I love how the black and white images show up so well on the dictionary definition paper, it really makes them pop, and it tied the whole thing together.  Notice how it looks like a funky page in the dictionary turned to the letter S, and you are reading my simple definition of scrapbook scissors. (I want a cool dictionary with pictures like that.) The black and white pictures are a mix of stamps, rub-ons and images I cut out of Cosmo Cricket's School Days line. (I just love their papers they are so retro, and fun to play with.)   I thought it was perfect to make the collage about scrapbook scissors.  They are the one tool I ALWAYS reach for no matter what I am working on.  I would feel so lost without them. 
I had alot of fun making this and am already working on another one!
Keep creating and have a great Sunday all!

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