Thursday, March 4, 2010

Graphic 45 Design Team Submissions

I am excited to tell everyone that I have submitted some projects to Graphic 45 Design Team call. I sent them in on Sunday, and it feels like Friday is so far away. Although I think my art is great, I am also very realistic that there are tons of other people who have submitted for this same thing. But I am keeping an open mind and if I don't get chosen I will just try harder next time. It's not the end of the world, even though I think it would be a very wonderful experience. It was alot of fun just making projects to submit, and I love playing with their papers. So here are some pics of the projects I have submitted. Sit back and enjoy!

This is is picture of my grandmother Theda Mae Mefford.  Though I didn't get to know her well she has always been a light in my life.  She passed away when I was a sophomore in highschool, and had battled Alzheimers disease.  She was a strong woman, and everything about this paper screams her name.  She had an eye for beauty, she loved to sew and had a passion for clothing and even shoes.  She was an avid gardener and surrounded herself in nature as much as she could.  I miss her very much, and wish she could have lived to meet my daughter.  She was a wonderful woman!

Although I love capturing images in layouts, I also have a passion for creating cards as well.  Sadly I never send many of them out, I sort of form an attachment to each piece I create.  Here are a few cards I also submitted for the design team call. 

I think these cards are just so pretty and dainty.  Couldn't you just see the second card perfect for a teenage girl's birthday?

Thats it for today I will give some more sneak peaks of my submissions tomorrow, gotta keep you all wanting more!


Tracy said...

I was just checking out some of the art on blogger and came across yours. These cards a so pretty!

DeeJae said...

What a beautiful collage of your grandmother. A wonderful view of all that she was and enjoyed. Your detail makes it a lovely remembrance of her; shows how special she was and still is to you.