Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Show Sneak Peaks

I would like to thank everyone who came out Sunday to the Handmade Holidayshow!!  Your support made it is a success.  Not a huge turn out, but I got to meet some really talented ladies.  Opened up lots more opportunities for me, got invited to some other shows!  Looking forward to future shows with these fun ladies!  Have to give a shout out to my girl Elizabeth!  She bought both of my collage pieces! Happy Dance! 
Terry, I was so glad to see you!!!  Miss you both so much!!   
Here are some pics from the show, the quality isn't the best, the lighting wasn't that good for pics. 
This week is catch up and recuperate week!  Many late nights getting ready for the show, but I feel it really payed off!  Took some of my mother's sculptures with me to the show.  This is Herbert, he is sad because he is the last pumpkin to be picked for Halloween.  Love it!  You can find her stuff @ http://www.gardenspellghosttale.etsy.com/

Alot of the items I brought home are going up for sale on etsy.  Also hoping to get into a local goth show!  Wouldn't that be fun!  Here are some of the pics I took yesterday of my creations.

This is one of my extra large double pinwheels.  Measures 7" with a big 18" handle.  This is one of six!  Love them so much!  But hard to photograph..

Made TONS of gift boxes, they have been one of my hot Etsy items.  Many will be added to my shop this week!

I have been creating jewelry since high school, but really got out of it once I found scrapbooking.  I like to do a few pieces here and there still, but am really intrigued by steam punk jewelry.  It's a completely different twist on the traditional jewelry these days, sorta dark, sorta funky and ALOT of fun!

Well that's it for today, I will give lots more peeks later on this week!  Still have to get pics of my cute Halloween cupcake wrappers and creepy cupcake picks.  Heading out for my almost daily run to the post office. 
Have a great day, I hope you get out to enjoy the weather and beautiful trees!
Check back later this week for more pics!
Thanks for stopping by,
Nicki Chicky

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Heather said...

3 words chickie...
iNCrediBLE, AweSOmE, and WOW:)!!!!