Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Every time I turn around, it's already another month.  Where does the time go?  I have been SUPER busy filling paper flower orders, and coming up with one of a kind Christmas items for my etsy store.  Everyone at my house has been sick for over 2 weeks, and I feel like the dust bunnies might grow legs and eat me! 
Sunday is usually cleaning day, but with all the fun Halloween festivities alas, they will have to wait for another day to be swept into oblivion!
Halloween started off with Skye and I making some yummy Halloween cupcakes, with LOTS of sprinkles. 
Then off to the pumpkin farm for one last hayride of the season with some friends.  And the trip wouldn't have been complete without a pumpkin! 
Then off to the petting zoo, and playground for some fun.
Tired already and the day had just begun, we came home for a quick bite to eat, then off the grandma's house.   
But not before we had a little candy to start off the trip.

This pic is SOOO Skye!!!
Once we arrived at Grandma's house I had to get my nieces ready to go out.  Both my parents had to work, and Dads really just don't know how to do make up. 
Caitlyn decided to be a dark fairy, Tori was an Elvin Archer, and Skye wanted to be a Fairy Princess and the dress HAD to be pink. 
I just love her silly tights underneath her Princess dress, so very Skye too!  When we all got home Grandpa surprised us with some delicious Pizza Casserole, and we had to finish off the night with some candy!
  I dressed up too, however it is pretty hard to get pictures of yourself when you are the picture taker. 
But I went the route of Steampunk, and wore one of my mini top hats.
All in all Halloween was awesome!  Much better than last year, sitting in a chair running fevers from Bronchitis and not getting to enjoy the fun. 
Hope you all had a Spooktacular
Lots to announce later this week!
Nicki Chicky

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