Thursday, November 10, 2011

Storybook Inspiration w/ Graphic 45

Hello and Welcome on this marvelous Thursday!! 
Hope that everyone has been having a fun filled week..  The week hasn't been lacking in excitement here.  On Tuesday my daughter Skyler turned 6 and we had an amazing fun filled day with presents and special dinners.  Wednesday there was no school, so we even got to stay up late. 
Followed by conferences Wednesday, then off to finish up some last minute projects before
Horror Hound Weekend. 

Today will be all about packing up, creating signs, pricing and any last minute craziness that involves making my house look more like it has been ransacked. 
Then Friday at noon I am off to set up my new home with my Bestie Lesley for the next 3 days.
Super excited and looking forward to the Interesting people I will meet at Horror Hound. 
From what I understand there are lots of freaky and bazaar costumes, so I will make sure to take TONS of pictures to share!!! 
Whew Tired already and it's only Thursday..
Time for a little pick me up inspiration to keep the creativity coming!

For this layout I wanted to create a surreal feel that takes you right into the storybook.
Created using a pleasant mix of Halloween in Wonderland and An ABC Primer with little touches of 
Once Upon A Springtime.  This layout captures a lot of the wonderful storybook characters that make Graphic 45 papers so amazing! 

Instead of going with traditional leaf colors I decided to mix it up a bit with blues and purples that just help to reinforce the storybook feel. 
Each tiny leaf was loosely hand cut then inked and slightly folded in half for more texture. 
Hidden amongst the leaves are mechanical gears, clocks and even a few surprises..

Here Alice is searching for her storybook ending.  As the Cheshire cat peeks from the branches above.  Did you ever think Alice In Wonderland would mix so well with Beatrix Potter Images?? 
Only Graphic 45 could create such Magic!!!

The image of the mother reading to her children inspired this whole layout!! 
I wanted it to feel like the children are envisioning these things as they hear the story.
 For the title, I wanted to create a storybook looking title that also partially blended into the scene. 
Like the sign post that is pointing 2 different directions. 
One says "Create", the other "Your".  Signifying the choices we all have to make in life. 

The image of my daughter are actually from her first day of school this year.  Sitting outside on the front step for pictures, this one couldn't have been more meant to be.
Adding the butterfly wings to her picture was the perfect thing to really make the title have so much more meaning! 

Well Crafters, that's all I have to share today! 
Off to pack up and make some messes..
Make sure to stop by Graphic 45 for lots more layout inspiration today with my amazing design team members Hilde and Gloria!!  

Thanks so much for stopping by, and don't forget to..
Create Your Storybook Ending!
Nicki Chicky


Nancy Wethington said...

Nicole, this is so creative and beautiful. I've never seen anything like this. That tree is brilliant and all those elements - WOW!

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest new idea in LO's I have seen. It is beautiful to look at, captures your childs pic, AND is so much fun to look at - a storybook on one page! Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful images of a tree and leaves. Mary Werner

Scrappin Abby said...

Hi Nicole..this LO is just gorgeous. I love the tree & all the details you added to this page : )

Carol said...

Very creative and beautiful layout! Love the layers TFS