Monday, December 10, 2012

Graphic 45 Place In Time Calendar Tutorial October

Happy Monday!  Today I have for you a calendar page created using Graphic 45's new A Place In Time line and their 12x12 easel album.  All month long G45 has been sharing a tutorial for each month's page in the Calendar.  And the good news is, the tutorial will stay up on their site indefinately to let you jump in at any time to follow along!!! Just click here to get started, or catch up on anything you may have missed !!! This calendar has been a fun collaborative project, where each design team member created a page for their assigned month, so it captures the style of all the G45 designers all in one project!  Also this would make a wonderful gift for the Holidays, so you don't want to miss out!!
My assigned month is October, and focuses on the fun of Halloween of course! 
There are lots of instructions to follow, so make sure you read everything before moving ahead!!
So let us waste no time and get right to it!!!
Supplies Needed:
Graphic 45 Products:
A Place and Time : 1 Calendar Foundation
1 October Foundation
1 Sentiments
2 October Cut Aparts
1 Alphabet sticker sheet
Olde Curiosity Shoppe: 1 Optical Oddities
1 Counting Down
Happy Haunting Collection: 1 Midnight Magic
1 Fright Night
1 Alphabet stickers ( if you want to use different colored numbers on calendar to help mark special dates)
Core’dinations Vintage Series: Black Magic Houndstooth
Martha Stewart: Drippy Goo Punch
Detail Cutting Scissors
Paper Trimmer
Lg. 10 1/4 inch dinner plate, or convenience of a Cricut Machine
3D Foam Squares
Desired Adhesive
Step 1: Start with the October Foundation page from the A Place in Time collection, and turn it over so you do not see the words October. Using your Paper Trimmer or scissors, cut along the outside edge of the printed border, removing any excess crème along the edges.
Use your detail to scissors to simply snip out the rounded corners.
Step 2: Ink along all the edges and adhere the directly to the easel book using desired adhesive.
Step 3: Using a paper trimmer, cut Olde Curiosity Shoppes, Optical Oddities to 3 1/4” x 11/1/4”, making sure the stripes are going vertically.
Step 4: Lay the cut piece of Optical Oddities along the left border edge of the background. It should fit just inside the border with an exception to the corners.
Step 5: To remove the corners, use your detail cutting scissors to blind cut following the curvature of the exposed border.
Step 6: Ink and adhere to the background using desired adhesive
Step 7: Using your Cricut machine, or a Dinner plate, cut a large circle at 10 1/4” from Core’dinations Vintage Black Magic Houndstooth paper.
Step 8: Adhere directly to the center of the layout using desired adhesive.
Step 9: Cut and remove the orange striped paper from the A Place in Time Cut Apart Sheet. Once removed, turn lengthwise in your paper trimmer and trim length to 11 1/4”.
Step 10: Ink edges and adhere just below the center of background page using desired adhesive.
Step 11: Cut fence strip and clock from Happy Haunting’s Magic Midnight paper. Once removed, cut fence strip length to 11 1/4”. Set aside clock for later use.
Step 12: Fussy cut Owls and Haunted House from Happy Haunting Fright Night paper. Set aside owls for later use.
Step 13: Flip cut out haunted house over and place 3D foam squares just along the top of backside. Along the bottom use a small line of permanent adhesive.
Step 14. Ink fence strip cut from Magic Midnight paper and adhere horizontally, just 1/8” from the bottom of the orange striped strip. Working quickly, adhere the haunted house just right of center, tucking the bottom adhesive edge just under the top of the fence strip.

Step 15: Cut the following images from the A Place and Time; October Cut Aparts sheet.
Orange word border
Black word border
Running girl block
Saturday Evening Post Image
Step 16: Fussy cut out the image of the running little girl. Set aside
Step 17: Cut length of Black word strip to 11 1/4”. Flip over, and place 3D foam squares along the backside of the strip.
Step 18: Adhere Black word strip just over the bottom edge of the orange striped strip, covering over the remaining orange showing.
Step 19: Ink the Saturday Evening Post image and flip over. Place 3D foam squares along the back, leaving a horizontal strip in the middle open from foam squares, to place over top the black word strip that was just adhered to the background page.
Step 20: Adhere in left corner over top black word strip.
Step 21: Separate the words Trick or Treat from the orange word strip, and set aside.
Step 22: Ink and adhere the Orange Word border, just underneath the Black Word border, lining the right edge against the Saturday Evening Post image.
Step 23: Using the Martha Stewart Drippy Goo border punch, punch a strip of Core’dinations Vintage Black Magic Houndstooth approx. 10” in length.
Step 24: After the border has been punched, trim off using your paper trimmer to approx. 3/8” wide, measuring from the ends of the goo.
Step 25: Adhere the punched Drippy border along the top of the Orange Stripe. Trim the right side using scissors to match curvature of the Lg. Black circle.
Step 26: Fussy cut the #31 from Olde Curiosity Shoppe’s Counting down.
Step 27: Ink and adhere along the Drippy goo border, inside the Lg. Back circle, on the right side.
Step 28: Grab fussy cut owl from the set aside pile. Flip over and place 3D foam squares on the back of the owl images.
Step 29: Adhere owl image over top the #31, lining the branch up to the inside of the border
Step 30: Cut the October mini Calendar from A Place and Time; Calendar Foundation.
Step 31: Cut the word October and the small black decorative square from A Place and Time; Sentiments.
Step 32: Adhere the cut October title, to the mini October Calendar.
Step 34: Using the remaining piece of October cut aparts, line the mini calendar up along the checkered paper, leaving 2 rows of checkers around the calendar, on each side.
Step 35: Cut out the checkered background, and ink and adhere the calendar to the checkered background.
Step 36: Adhere the decorative black square in the right upper corner of the orange striped border.
Step 37: Grab the clock from the set aside pile. Flip over and place 3D foam squares along the top edge, and a small strip of adhesive along the bottom.
Step 38: Place the Clock behind the left corner of the Mini Calendar. Adhere to the orange striped paper, along the left side. Adjust the clock if necessary to make sure there is no hang off of the book.
Step 39: Using the A Place in Time Alphabet stickers, place the dates on the mini calendar. Begin with the 1st, on the 1st Tuesday, and ending with 30, leaving 31 blank.
(If you have other G45 Alphabet sheets, use other colored numbers to make special dates like birthdays, or Sweetest Day on the 19th)
Step 40: From the remaining Oct. Cut apart sheet cut the words Jack O’ Lantern from the Black word strip.
Ink and adhere above the clock
Step 41: Grab the orange strip that says Trick Or Treat from the set aside pile. Flip over and adhere 3D foam squares along the back.
Step 42: Adhere to the right of the clock, just over top the punched Drippy goo border.
Step 43: Fussy cut the pumpkin from the Happy Haunting; Halloween Greetings page.
Step 44: Adhere the pumpkin on the mini calendar, in place of the #31, to mark Halloween!
Step 45: Grab the image of the Running little girl from the set aside pile. Flip over and adhere 3D foam squares along the top of the back of the image. Run a strip of adhesive along the bottom.
Step 46: Complete the page by adhering the little girl, running away from the pumpkin.
That's it for today!!  Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your wonderful continued support!
Don't forget you can follow along at your own pace to create the entire G45 Calendar on their blog!
Wishing you all an outstanding week!!
Happy Scrapping!
Nicki Chicky


Pam Burnham said...

I love this Halloween page, as I do all of your work! I'm trying to find the same materials you used, but I'm having trouble locating the "Core’dinations Vintage Series: Black Magic Houndstooth" paper. Can you give me any leads?

Thanks a million, and, again, I love your creations!

Bobby Fort said...

Just came across your searching for this Graphic 45 Happy Haunting paper. Gorgeous calendar page!