Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graphic 45 Curtain Call Vintage Vicrola and Tutorial

Happy Tuesday All!!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend filled with lots of crafting fun!
I had a lazy weekend myself, spending time with family and actually just doing some cleaning(had to do some deep exploration to find my desk again). 
For some of you it was a three day weekend, now it's Tuesday again, and back to the grindstone...UGH!
Well, today I have an extra special tutorial to share with you, guaranteed to shake those back to work blues away!

This vintage looking phonograph was created using Graphic 45's 5x5 Altered Art Box, and a mix of their gorgeous papers.  Designed in the style of a 1929 Vintage Victola Phonograph created from common household items!  Complete with a turnable crank, an adjustable arm, and a drawer similar to phonographs of it's time,  making this a great gift box/gift!!!!

The idea was inspired by a CD that was given to me free at a music store.  Though the CD was not something I would regularly listen to, it was made to look just like a record from the top, and just one of things I just could NOT throw away!
And boy am I glad I didn't...
Just needed to add a little Curtain Call Paper, and I had an instant classic from the 20's!!

Decorated ornately with wonderful cut chipboard from Imaginarium Designs

Graphic 45 Metal Tags are almost identical to the manufacturer plates placed on most Phonograph's created during that time period!  Even more reason to LOVE Graphic 45 more and more!!!
Add some more Imaginarium chipboard, and you have something magical!  And don't forget the metal buttons that make the PERFECT drawer pulls!!

And now for the

Supplies Needed:
Graphic 45 5x5 Altered Art Box
Graphic 45 Metal Hinges, Metal Buttons, Metal Brads and Metal Tags, Metal Clothespins
Approx 7” wooden block, or box lid for base
Lid from a Sour Cream container measuring the size of a CD
Kraft Knife
Mod Podge
Sandpaper or Sanding Block
Food Skewer
Wooden Bead
Black, Silver and Copper Paint/ Paint Brush
Imaginarium Designs Decorative chipboard pieces
Ideology Ornate Metal Feet
Chipboard Cone

Step 1 To get started measure and draw an outline for the size of the drawer you wish to have on your altered art box.  To make things easier make sure the side you are cutting through has only 1 layer of chipboard to cut through.   

My drawer opening is 3”x 1 1/4” *Note my box has the top cut out also, this is not required, this is just something I did for better lighting in photos

Step 2 Using a Kraft knife carefully cut and remove the drawn area for the drawer.

Step 3 Prepare your altered art box, and wooden base by painting all the edges black.

Step 4 As your paint is drying, cut a few pieces of leftover chipboard to stack inside your box to help your drawer from “falling” down while pulling it in or out. 

* Note: Once your chipboard pieces are stacked together they should be flush with the cut bottom opening of your drawer. 
After making sure they fit flush, Place inside the drawer opening, and adhere firmly

Step 5 Cut and cover the Altered Art box and Wooden Base with Graphic 45 papers, sanding the edges as you go for a smooth aged finish.

Once covered with paper, ink all the edges to a desired effect, and seal with a thin layer of Mod Podge.  Allow to dry, repeat Mod Podge for better protection. 

Step 6 As your Mod Podge is drying it is a great time to get your drawer made.  Cut a piece of chipboard to 5 1/4” x 5 1/4”. 

The measurements given are for a 3” x 1 1/4” drawer opening. 
If you have created a different size opening then you can determine your size of chipboard needed for the drawer by adding your width + width + length – 1/4”  

So for my box it would be 1 1/4” + 1 1/4”+ 3” =  5 1/2”  Then to make sure once folded it slides smoothly inside the opening subtract 1/4”. 
Making the starting piece 5 1/4” x 5 1/4 “
Whew!!! Glad all that math stuff is done!

Step 7: Now draw a grid on your chipboard showing where the center and sides will be.  To do this measure 1 1/8” from each side drawing a straight line from top to bottom.
This should create a 3x3 square in the center of your chipboard grid.

Step 8: Using a craft knife remove the corners and score along all the fold lines.  Once complete, fold it up to look like a drawer

Step 9: To attach the drawer together, cover with long strip of paper around the outside, pulling all the corners together tight.
Continue until the inside and outside of the drawer is completely covered

Step 10: To create the front of the drawer cut a piece of heavy chipboard to 3 1/4’ x 1 5/8”. Paint the backside and edges black, cover the front with desired paper to match.
Attach to drawer to center of cover using Glossy Accents of heavy duty adhesive.  Seal with Mod Podge and set aside to dry.
Once dry attach Graphic 45 Metal Button as a drawer pull.

Step 11: Now that your Altered Art Box is dry you can now decorate it with Imaginarium Chipboard and desired embellishments.  Paint chipboard embellishments using metallic colors for a fancy look!

Step 12: To create the crank use a small piece of craft wire and pliers to carefully bend into a Z, or crank shape.  Or bend overtop a firm hard corner like a countertop or metal table. 
Adhere a bead at the end, embellished with a tiny Graphic 45 Metal Brad

Step 13: Once your crank is made, decide where you would like it to go. 
I placed mine exactly in the center of a decorative piece of Imaginarium chipboard, on the center of the right side.
Once you decide, use a Drill to create a tiny hole for your crank to be inserted.  Cut crank down if necessary using wire cutters and insert.

Step 14: Now that your Altered Art Box is almost complete you may now adhere it firmly to it’s decorated base, and attach the metal feet to the base using E6000

Step 15: While everything is drying it is time to create the Arm and Horn. 
To create the horn simply paint a small chipboard cone using desired colors and decorate using Graphic 45’s Metal Brads. 

To create the “needle”, simply separate a Graphic 45 Metal Clothespin in half, and adhere to the inside of the cone slightly sticking out.
*Note: For easy placement of the brads, remove the brad backs quickly using pliers.  

Step 16:To create the arm, and stand for the horn simply print off the provided shapes. ( Just left click diagrams, click save picture as or print)

 Trace them onto heavy chipboard, cut out using a  kraft knife or heavy duty scissors and paint silver.
Make sure to cut notches into each the stand and arm as per the diagram
The arm should measure approx. 4” long, and the stand should be approx. 2” long

Step 17 Once the arm is complete, attach a Graphic 45 Metal Hinge to the backside of the arm using E6000.
At this time the E6000 used on the feet for the base and the hinge on the arm will need to dry atleast 12 Hrs, a lot of Hurry up and wait at this point!!!

Step 18: After waiting all that drying time, your hinge should be dry on the arm, and ready to attach to the Altered Art Box.
First, slide your crank out and set aside, so you can turn your whole glued phonograph on it’s right side.  Exposing the left side and making a flat surface for glueing.

Again, using E6000 adhere the arm to the left side of your altered art box making sure the placement is correct for horn.
Prop up using something sturdy and allow to dry another 12 hours.

Step 19: Wow we are almost there!  Once the hinge is completely dry you may now attach the stand by sliding the two notches together.
Once together it should now hold the cone in place.

Step 20: To create the record and it’s turntable you will need a CD and a plastic lid the size of the CD.
The record/CD I used was already created, however you can just as easily create one out of black paper and a CD, or chipboard painted black etc. 

Once created decorate the center with desired images from Graphic 45’s Curtain Call line. 
Step 20: Paint the edges of the Plastic lid silver.  Allow paint to dry and adhere record/CD to the top.

Step 21: Use a drill to create a small hole in the center of the record on the turntable.  This way you can create the post that would hold the record.
To create the post simply cut off a small piece of wooden food skewer, paint silver and slide through the hole.
Finally adhere the finished record to the completed Phonograph.

Step 22: Replace crank, drawer and horn to completion.  Add any finishing touches with chipboard, or a Metal Tag to signify a manufacturer’s name plate etc. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and joining in the fun!
Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or need any help concerning today's tutorial!
I am always happy to be a helping hand!
Hope you have learned some new things, and are ready to run off and create one of these musical masterpieces!

Giveaway to be announce later this week!!!!
Happy Tuesday!
Nicky Chicky



Danielle said...

are you kidding me!? lol this is insane! great project!

Sherry Cheever said...

WOWZERS! Absolutely outstanding Nicole!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I am blown away! That you would a) think of this and b) figure out a way to make it happen....I am just blown away! It is fabulous!

Carol said...

HOLY SMOKES Nicole! What an amazing and creative project! You have really outdone yourself with this one! Freakin' amazing job.

Nancy Wethington said...

Nicole, this is extraordinarily amazing!

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Wow..what a fantastic creative job that turned out absolutely gorgeous..I pat you on the back for persevering in all the details and making it look like the real thing..absolutely gorgeous..loving everything on it, about it and looking at it..lovely keepsake.