Sunday, April 1, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team Finalists 2012

Well you could definately say I am a little behind with posting.   Though I am EXTREMELY excited to make the team again, I have been too sick to celebrate, or do anything but rest.
  Sat and brainstormed ideas yesterday, was all excited to get started...Then the exhaustion hit and it was Nap time. Hoping the meds will kick in soon and I can start feeling better!!!

Thank you to everyone who believed in me, and has been sending your love and support my way!!
Creating art is first a passion, then a love for sharing and connecting with other!
You all mean more than you could ever know!

Ok, onto the amazing list of artists that is now the 2012 Graphic 45 Design Team!

1. Denise Hahn - USA
2. Sharon Ngoo - Singapore
3. Nicole Eccles - USA
6. Arlene Cuevas - USA
7. Tara Orr - Canada
8. Jim Hankins - USA
9. Maiko Miwa - Japan
10. Gloria Stengel - USA
11. Susan Lui - Singapore
12. Kristin Wilson - USA
13. Jane Tregenza - Australia
15. Laura Denison - USA

This new team is going to be unreal!!  With a strong base in Altered art and funkiness, these peeps speak my language!!  I can't wait to be inspired by all they do, as well as really push myself even more this year, and this is the team to do it!!  WOOHOO!!
Congrats to all the finalists, and all the applicants!
Hang in there, took me 2 tries before making the team!

Off to be lazy with my daughter!! 
Happy April Fools Day, and Hope you have a lazy Sunday!!
Nicki Chicky 


Nancy Wethington said...

So very happy for you Nicole. Your work is fabulous and can't wait to see your imagination at work this coming year. Congratulations!

Carol said...

Congratulations Nicole! Looking forward to more inspirational posts! Hope you get to feeling better soon HUGS