Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Return of the Skele Ele - More pull toy ideas!

Happy Tuesday all!!  Today I would like to share with you some variations that I created of my Elephant pull toy first designed in early June for G45.  But first I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the G45 /Want 2 Scrap Blog hop a wonderful success!! 
 I can't thank everyone enough for all your amazing support and out of this world comments!! 
Truly humbles me to have so many wonderful people in my life!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

OK now I would like to answer some questions that came up from the blog hop.. 
First question I saw a lot of was, "Where do you get all your fun things"?.  Well I have to be honest and say that I just went shopping at my Mom's house, through all of her wonderful collections.  She has been a lover of Halloween for as long as I can remember and has always collected new and vintage! 
But I know you can't just go shopping at my Mom's, so here are a few good places to keep an eye out!
1.Look at dollar stores and craft stores during the season, they always have all kinds of little decorations. 
2.  Those specialty pop up Halloween shops that always open just for the fall
or year round ones like Cappels in the Ohio Area!
3.  Don't pass over Target of Walmart, they pull in alot of fun small items in for the seasons too!
4.  Antique shows and Craft shows.  Though vintage Halloween items can be extremely expensive sometimes you can find amazing deals!
5.  Doll house miniatures are great for this sorta thing too
6.  And last, there are TONS of suppliers on Etsy and Ebay selling new and old items, Halloween is super hot on BOTH sites!

The second question I saw lots of was " How did you create the "crusty"  look to you box"?
Well this is something probably easier shown then done.  Will have a tutorial posted with pics up Friday @ 11am EST with a BIG GIVEAWAY Announcement,  so make sure to stop back to find out how it is done and what you could win!

Now onto some circus fun...

Meet Ella, the tight rope walking elephant with style!!  Dressed to her best with her little pink tutu, and tiny handmade paper flower behind her ear.  Ready for the show, with classy umbrella in hand Ella takes to the stage high above!

There is just something adorable about that big pink elephant bum sticking out of a tutu!!

Available for purchase here: Can even be created with your custom colors!
Please Convo or email me with any ideas or questions!

This is The Skele Ele!    Dressed and ready for a night of haunting! With his spooky skeleton suit, and Skeleton mask he is sure to get a scare! Atop his head he is wearing a worn top hat, adorned with a tiny metal gear and feather. And along with him, he brings the gift of a pumpkin freshly chosen from the patch! 

Love his little worn top hat!
  Created out of cardstock..

Wanted him to look like he was wearing a skeleton suit, but the only way to do this was to paint it on. 
Being not much of a painter, I was really worried about having to paint small details. 
 All in all I think he turned out pretty darn good!
But my favorite part are his skull wheels that spin as he rolls, so delightfully wicked!!

He is also available for purchase at my etsy store:

Off to finish prepping for a class, take pictures and create, create, create!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to come back Friday for a little inspiration and a giveaway!! .
 Have an oustanding day!
Nicki Chicky


jjocarlson said...

Omg luvin those Elephants! I am crazy bout Elephants, I collect them, I have over 100 Elephants. Thanks so much for sharing your creation! I am looking forward to seeing more!


Gloria Stengel said...

Your creativity knows no bounds! Those are ADORABLE! You must have some fun home decor for the holidays! Hugs!

Graphic 45 said...

These elephants are too cute! I love the skeleton. Thank you for the fun!
Charee Filimoehala
Graphic 45, LLC