Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zooming Past May... And It Hasn't Even Started Yet!

Unfortunately it has been forever since I have had a chance to blog.  This month has flown past us with super speed.  I am still nose deep in flower orders, and really just trying to catch up.  Of my 1140 paper flower order, currently down to 100 to go!!!  Once that order is done, there are 5 more lined up behind.  But only orders of 20's or so.  I have to say, sometimes it truly felt like there was no end.  Spending all of my time day and night mass producing.   But now there is an end in sight, and I can't wait to be creative again!!!
Easter has come and gone, and with it brought my 31st Bday!  That's right now I get to classify myself as a 30 something...  Yup this year was an Easter Birthday for me. 
The last time Easter fell on April 24th was 1859. 
And the next time Easter will land on April 24th is 2095!  So if I can just hang in there that long, it will be my 115th Birthday.  Don't for see that happening, but you never know!

 Truly I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day with family.  Both of my parents had to work on Easter, so I went to their house and cooked a big Bday dinner for when they got home.  We feasted on Schnitzel( my absolute fav), mashed potatoes and green beans. And topped the whole thing of with a freshly made fruit pizza.   Delicious!!   Also amazingly the Sun made it out for a few hours Sunday too.  As opposed to the month long rain that never ends...
Here are some pics from the weekend!

This is the view outside of my studio window, there are horses that are usually out there too. But since it was between storms they were still stabled.

Oh and I almost forgot the most exciting news!  As a Bday present, I received a video camera just for making You Tube Videos!!  So look forward to more of this to come next month!!!
Speaking of next month, in May I will be a guest of Ready Set Create online Scrapbooking Magazine!  In the beginning of February I sent them a big box of product to create with.  And in May I get to see all their wonderful creations they made!!  They will give a product write up, and have an add up all month for my Etsy store!!!   (Sorta like my own Mini Design Team for the Month.)   
Super Exciting!! 
Also just found out that we will be heading to Florida in the next few weeks to come to visit family...  Looking forward to this since it has been a long time since Skye and I have gotten a chance to travel.  But couldn't have come at a more hectic time...Finishing flower orders, restocking retail stores, playing with my G45 supplies for design team projects, designing upcoming kits/classes and I desperately need a car!!!  Somehow it will all get done. 
Always work better when the pressure it on....
    I am missing blogging, and am looking forward to the time off to have some great experiences to blog about, not to mention some new pictures for scrapping!  But of course there will be no travel without Internet and my laptop, so I can keep you all up to date! 

On that note I am off to try and catch up with orders so I can play soon! 
Hope you had an outstanding Easter, and Thanks so much for stopping by!
Nicki Chicky

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