Monday, January 10, 2011

A year in the making

It is sooo hard to believe it is 2011!!  A new beginning.  Time for resolutions, time for reevaluation, and positive changes.  The days are getting longer now, and we all look forward to the onset of spring.  For me it is the official one year anniversary of my Etsty store Sunny Skye Creations.  In the first year I have had over 300 sales, and sold over 2000 handmade paper flowers!!!  Since I left my job in August, I have had over 276 sales!  Unbelievable!  Looking back, last year was an awesome year for me.  My first submission to paper crafts magazine was chosen for publication (8 days till it is released!!)  I met an awesome group of artists here in the dayton area, and have done several shows with them.  I have been asked to join several design teams.  Had my name in the newspaper Twice now!! ( One that will be posted today!!) 
In March, and May I will be a featured designer for 2 different online scrapbooking sites.  It's been a busy year, and I think to myself, how will I ever top that this year?
This year my goals are get my stamp line going.  I have been scanning and collecting, cutting a snipping all kinds of awesome vintage images and can't wait to make them into stamps and play.  Tons more submissions to Magazines.  Tons more shows. 
With Valentines Day coming up in February, and the beginning of wedding season I am really trying to focus on Cards, Bouquets, garlands and banners, flowers flower flowers. 
Already orders are beginning to pour in, and I can't believe the response.  
Here are a few of the new flowers and creations I have been working on:

 I just love this little card!  It was created using Red Line Stamps.  I found them at the Stamping convention this past year and just fell in love with their designs!  Perfect for cutting out a paper piecing. My fav!

These compacts would make a really great gift for any occasion. Super easy to make using your favorite clip art!
If you are into steampunk his little gear necklace is so fun and easy to make!  Created using Tim Holtz Clock Faces, gears, and spinners mixed with a few 7 gypsies gears and a round embossed iodized  metal piece.  Something you can find at any craft store.  And the spinner really spins! 
Lots more to come !
Recently I was commissioned by a friend to make a New Years Hat!  She had asked me to create a cone hat, with black and white that would match a red dress.  So I put my creativity to the test, and came up with a steampunk style hat. Created out of a heavy chipboard cone.  Clock hands actually spin, silver glittered grundgeboard numbers make the perfect 2011 amongst gears and feathers.   At the top point there is a plume of red feathers. 

And here is my hat on the front page of Dayton Local Paper!!

I am sure you can imagine my surprise when there was no red dress!  I was shocked, in a good way!  The whole article is an interview with my friend Kidtee Hello, and her feelings on nudity in art.  Loved it!!!  It's an awesome article, and if you interested in checking it out click here.
Thanks so much for stopping by!! 
Remember only 8 more days till Paper Crafts Mag comes out, and the big unveil of my creation!! 
Have a great week everyone!
Nicki Chicky

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