Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's been crazy the last few weeks!  Managed to make it through all my shows and classes without getting sick!  This is almost a challenge for me anytime I take on a large venture.  Ever since I was a kid, if I knew about some big event coming up, I would get myself overexcited and sick..  Which usually meant missing out on Holidays,  sick for weeks on end.  I have won the battle so far, just a few more days till Xmas!
   Let me start by saying Thanks to everyone who came and and showed their support these last few weeks!  It really means a lot to me!!!!  I met some really incredible people, enjoyed some great conversations, and am looking forward to getting a chance to do it all again!  Here are some pics of my booth at the show.
While at the show, a reporter from the Dayton Daily News just happened to be shopping. She stopped in my booth, liked what she saw, took a business card and immediately went home to check out my site!  After looking me up, she headed back to talk to me about an article on eye popping affordable centerpieces!  I was speechless!  But I guess I managed to get a few words out, since she was able to quote me in Friday December 17th's Life Section
You can read the article here.
Creation time has been slow since the shows.  Hectic trying to get ready for Christmas, cleaning my incredibly disorganized studio, and just enjoying life.  I have been aching to create some altered collages, but after Christmas it's time to think about Valentines Day, and the beginning of wedding season!!  I have so many ideas for cards, wedding cake toppers, hair garlands, new flowers, bouquets.....  But for now, I think I will veg for a few days watching movies!!!
Planning a HUGE giveaway choc full of goodies to get ready for the New Year!  All the info will be posted on Christmas Eve!  Make sure to stop back and check it out! 
Enjoy your weekends everyone!!!
Nicki Chicky

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