Friday, September 3, 2010

Daydreams Of A Domestic Diva - MPTS Challenge

It's that time again for the release of the design team projects for More Paper Than Shoes!  I had planned on posting this earlier today, but my day was ruined by severe abdominal pain and a trip to the hospital.  And since I have been laying in a hospital bed for about 7 hours, laying down more just isn't appealing to me. Maybe after I write this.  And if your wondering about the abdominal pain, they didn't find anything in all the tests they ran except a high white blood count, and no explanation as to why.  Heading to the doctors for a follow up, and waiting on tons of blood work.   Right now the pain has receded enough to function, so I guess at this point I just wait.. 

   So on to the MPTS challenge of the month!  This month the challenge was Rusty Bucket. 
What does it look like?  
What purpose did it serve before the rust settled on it?
Where did you find it when you stumbled across it?
What kind of history or life does your rusty bucket have?
Take us on the journey of your rusty bucket.

Supplies: Metal and Twine (any kind of rope).
Surface: ANY
Technique:Torn paper

When I received this challenge, it was hard to not take it literally.  I understood the concept, and the idea of  the challenge.  And all the things that could be considered rusty buckets,  and the stories that are behind them.  But I just kept coming back to the idea of a wash bucket, and the retro image from Graphic 45 papers of the woman doing her laundry.  In that image there is a towel with the word Monday on it.  And I knew somewhere I had a towel just like it.  When I found it I was surprised to see that the image on the towel had a duck doing his laundry, how perfect!  I then was wondering what was so big about Mondays and laundry?  After further investigation, I discovered that Mondays were the day EVERYONE did their laundry in the 50's and earlier.  Sundays were always family days, so to prepare for the week you would do laundry, and pressing on Mondays!   Even my grandmother did her laundry on Mondays, so that is her picture hanging.  But who likes doing laundry?  So I decided to try and create a sort of daydream  with all the pretty things in the bucket.  I even added an old post card signifying my grandfather writing her from the war.  A ticket stub for a party she would much rather be at.  Beautiful flowers because she loved gardening, all mixed in with soaps, clothes pins and linen waters.   The best part, is the whole thing is just put together with the clothes pins, so it all comes apart and the pieces can be used again! 

I would like to wrap things up with some good news.  Today I received an email that a card I submitted to Paper Crafts Magazine was chosen to be published!!!!  I am super excited about this, and can't wait till it comes out.  I don't know when the publication date is yet, but as soon as I find out, I will let everyone know so you can look me up!! 
Check back Monday for a little giveaway I have up my sleeve!
Wishing everyone has a wonderful, and safe Labor Day Weekend!!
Nicki Chicky


Chantal said...

what a wonderful combination of beautiful items...Make me feel a little nostalgic! Domestic Diva...with all our chores...aren't we all Divas??? I like to think so!!! Fabulous artwork Nicole...Absolutely fabulous!!!

P.S. Congrats on your card being published...

Stephanie said...

I hope you feel better soon! You'll be in my thoughts.

Congrats on the publication in PC Magazine! That is awesome!

Love what you've created for the design team challenge!

Heather said...

sooooooo AwESomE NICOLE!!! XXXOOO!!!

Jess said...

Oh Nicky girl I love you much and glad that you are feeling better you did give me a fright. I am so so happy that you are going to be published, and of course your bucket is so adorable.

Sharlotte Hughes said...

I love your project!!! You rocked the challenge!!! :)