Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Beginnings

Recently I was faced with having to make a tough decision concerning my job.  For the last 5 years I have worked at a wonderful ,HUGE scrapbook store here in the local area.  At the end of April, David took over his father's business running a budget car rental.  Currently he is the only person who works, meaning he works 7 days a week, leaving at 6am and getting home around 6:30pm.  The volume of business he was doing was starting to get to be too much for one person to handle on the weekends.   So we had talked and decided that it would be better to keep the money with us, and that I would work for him on the weekends.  And during the week, it would give me time to focus on my upcoming designs for classes.  And start scheduling classes at all the local stores.   So I took the leap!  As of last week I am a self employed stay at home mom(except weekends).  I have already talked to some local stores, and they can't wait to have me start!  And you know, it's funny but I couldn't feel more like I am in the right place, doing what I need to be doing, everything seems to keep falling right into place more and more everyday.  I feel so blessed.  Since last week I have already picked up 5 special orders on Etsy!!  I feel like one of those quit your day job stories they always focus on in the daily storque on Etsy, and you know what?  It's an awesome feeling! 
So on that note,  I have been working on mainly special orders for people lately. Which hasn't left me with a lot of time to create new things. I finished up the huge order for 108 flowers, definitely had to snap a few pics! 
I really think they look a lot like hens and chicks when they are grouped together like this.  So beautiful!

If you are interested in purchasing one of the scrapbooking kits these flowers went into, head over to  They have a design team, all kinds of scrappy ideas,  contests on their blog, and some of the most unique handmade items in their kits.  Check it out!

Had a second order of paper flowers, this time for 20 Xlarge flowers.  These flowers measure 3", and were made as table decorations.  
I really think they look like Lotus flowers floating in the water.
Also received an order for a card that was a CD case.  The sentiments, and theme were sent to me.  The rest was all up to me.  I decided to go with the feel of romantic Paris.  At the beginning of the month when they released the design team projects from MPTS, I fell in love with the project Megan had made.  I created this sorta in the same style.  I was already on a black and white kick, and who doesn't love to add old book paper to projects? 
When I went to create this I found that there wasn't a large enough piece of paper to create a pocket.  So I had to get innovative and create a pocket using small folded pieces of paper along the edges to create flaps.  I then glued my top layer to the flaps.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I just love how it turned out!

In between orders I had a few hours to just play so I made up some cute little Halloween gift boxes for Etsy.  These would be perfect little party favor boxes, and they are made to hang as ornaments too! 
As for the card kits that I had been anticipating putting on my blog this week, I found that right now I have no photo editing programs that will create a collage of photos for me.  Starting to get frustrated, but all will come together in a few days.  Gonna have to head over to my mothers and use her computer till I can find a program that works for what I need.  But in the mean time how about a few little sneak peaks?

Coming up next week I will be featured as the designer of the week on MPTS blog.  Lots more projects and ideas, and maybe even some card kits for sale too!  
Have a great weekend!
Nicki Chicky  


Danielle said...

Good luck in your new direction...self employment is my goal as well..nice to hear stories like yours!

corrie said...

Hi Nicole! I just wanted to tell you that the 108 flowers you made are simply gorgeous. When I got them, I spread them out to just awe at them all! Beautiful! I wish you the best in your self-employment! You are incredibly talented and I wish you much success! ~Corrie