Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sparkler July

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I know we did!  On Saturday we picked up my nieces and headed over to a parade in downtown Lebanon. 
When we arrived Skyler was pretty anxious for the parade to start.  She was SO excited, and thought that the time would never come.  But soon enough it did! 
And once she saw all those people waving, throwing candy and honking their horns she was SUPER EXCITED!!!
Afterwards we headed over to Two Scoops for a little ice cream for everyone.
And maybe a little silliness! Then we had a nice walk back to my parents.
They are just so cute walking hand in hand!  Afterwards we took the rest of the day easy, couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

Sunday my mother was a blessing and offered to watch Skyler for David and I so we could have a date.  It's only been 2 years since we have had any alone time, so we jumped on the opportunity.  We went and saw the Killers, which was pretty funny.  Then headed over to Max and Ermas for a bite.  Afterwards we picked up Skyler and headed home to do some sparklers. 
When I had picked up Skyler she was wearing a Snow White princess dress, (which turned out to be very patriotic).  She insisted on wearing it home, and why not?  She was adorable in it.  I had told myself I wasn't going to let her wear the dress for sparklers since I was afraid she might burn it.  But David insisted it would be really cute for the pictures.  And how can I argue with that?  So here she is a patriotic princess with her sparkler wand.  This picture turned out super funky too.  Either I have 3 children, or there are ghosts from the cemetery next door in the picture.  I just love how my night pictures do strange things! 

Somehow I got lucky and had today off too.  A three day weekend!  So I cleaned a little and finished up a few projects.  Here is one that I created for a MPTS challenge.  I had actually started this a few days before the challenge, and hadn't had time to get it done.  I was excited this morning to get on and see that the challenge was paper dolls.  It was like they were reading my mind! 

This is just a vintage clip art image of a pin up girl.  I cut her out and gave her a cute little hat and fairy wings.  Atop her hat are some tiny feathers, and a pearl gem.  She was actually just sitting on a bed before I cut her out.  Making her fit perfectly on the broom stick.  The broom was a die cut that I hand colored and cut to make more realistic.  I added the clock, and the spinner (which really works).  And the cat is another piece of vintage clip art.  The whole thing is ATC card size measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" built on chipboard, and made to hang as an ornament.  I just love how she turned out!  I am such a Halloween addict!

Again I hope everyone had a great weekend!  And that you have an even better week!
Till next time, Keep Creating!
Nicki Chicky


Jess said...

Love it you always go great work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Jess

pattywagan said...

I love it too~ my hubby would love to receive a halloween card like this!