Friday, May 21, 2010

Been Too Long!!!

It's been way too long since I have been on here.  The last 2 weeks were the longest EVER!  At work everyone was on vacation, except 3 of us.  I ended up working extra days, my house got messier and messier.  Worked some more, messier.   You get the picture.  The only day off I had, I  spent cleaning the house instead of working on anything!  Infact the last 3 days off have been spent deeply cleaning my house.  But all is sparkling like new for the next few days, or atleast till tomorrow when Skyler is playing with toys everywhere, and the dog is chewing things up.  My kitchen feels like a beach with purple sand constantly on the floor daily, with she AND the dog getting into the sand box...  I should have known!  If it doesn't stop raining anytime soon my blooming grass won't get mowed.  Then today I found out that the only mower (which I have been borrowing from my parents) is now broken, even after I fixed it 3 weeks ago.  Sigh. 
I did however get a few tiny things done on my one day off, at the sacrifice of a few dust bunnies... 
This is number 5 in my quest to get a set of six October Afternoon cards designed for kits/classes.
I really just CAN"T resist using these little girls for my card.  How cute is she holding those balloons!
This card was ALOT of fun to make.  I created a funky background using a Hero Arts Stamp(make your own). Before stamping my background on watercolor paper, I sprayed it a few times with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists(electric blue), and used inks to give it a distressed look   I then stamped the image 3 times.  Once on  the watercolor paper, once on cream cardstock, and once on each of the patterned papers used for the ladies clothing.  I then cut out the ladies and their clothes and got to play paper dolls.  How old am I again?  I added the bees for fun, using Pink Paislee(Queen Bee) stamps.  They seemed to add a little funkiness to the background, just the way I like it!  I also created another handmade flower for this card, once I got started making them I just can't stop. 
I created another variation to this card, my boyfriend and I were joking around with ideas to make a whole set with different outfits, saying different things with the B in the title.  This one is Honey B.  Don't ask me?  But I love how it turned out! 

I really love the blue houndstooth skirt suit and lime green dress in this one.  The background is more psychodelic than vintage, making the purple strip of paper pop well set on the dark plum.  And I just love these metal index frames from Tim Holtz.  It added the perfect accent to tie this card together.  

Last of all recently Jill Haglund was visiting a store to teach here in our area.  A few of my students took her classes (I couldn't go I had to work all weekend), but just happened to take some of my designs  they had made in my classes without me knowing.  A few weeks after attending her classes, one of my co-workers tells me that they showed her my stuff and she loved it.  I don't know why I was the last to know, but I was very excited to get the news.  After finding out more from my student, I contacted Jill about sending her some of my designs.  She replied and said send away!  I was pumped, so I sent her my alice card,Wonderland shadow box, and whipped up a few bird tags using her clipart.  Later that evening I received a most pleasant reply.  She loved my stuff!  She asked if she could post my designs on her blog, and if I sent a bio and headshot she would put it on her blog aswell!!!  AWESOME   And on top of all the excitement she is sending me some supplies to better expand my artistic expression, and to keep creating with their designs for future posts on their blog!!  I was definately doin the happy dance! 
So after all that, here are the bird tags I sent her, they turned out so cute. 

There is just something about birds wearing hats and crowns that is so adorable.  I'd like to thank my mom for saving me alot of time by giving me some pre tea dyed tags she'd made a few months back, I put them to great use! 
Don't forget to check out my upcoming debut on
, and keep up here on all my newest creations.  Till next time, have a great weekend!
Nicki Chicky

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Diana said...

Love your cards! Met you on Hero Arts!